Behind Enemy Lines

Time for a few photos of the first of my SAS models from Warlord Games. These will be used in our upcoming Weird War Two game based on house rules pulling together Two Hour Wargames' excellent NUTS! and All Things Zombie rules.

 You can find my description of how I made the bases in the precursor to this post here:Weird War Zed Once painted, a few clumps of ground foam and static grass were added.
 The Denison wasn't too bad to paint.  First it received a base coat of English Uniform, the same colour as the trousers.  Then patched of redish brown mixed with a little black were painted on in random splotches.  It's the same colour I mix with my base flesh tone.  I can't remember what it's called.  But its Vallejo like all my paints.

Then I add patches of Gunship Green mixed again with a small amount of black.  I then define the creases and contours of the jacket with their respective base colours.  Areas of the English Uniform that require a highlight receive a mix of English Uniform and Khaki.  Finally the whole jacket is washed in a mix of English Uniform and a small amount of Black.  This unifies the effect.

Of course, all this is helped along enormously by such wonderful sculpts that are a dream to paint.  And these wonderful miniatures will be able to be used in games of NUTS! and Bolt Action as well.  So it's win, win, win all the way!  


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