'Twas the Last ZedFest Before Christmas...

The views among the two gangs were mixed.  On the one hand, they knew they couldn't survive another foray into Zedville like the last one.  Alec was determined that they should just drive the Mystery Machine right up to their next target and dash into the building.  Gus and Rick were not convinced.  The amount of noise the RV created made it way too risky.  They might get there okay, maybe get into the building without too much trouble.  Heck, they might even manage to find a survivor or two who'd like to join the gang.  But he seriously doubted they'd get out of the place alive.  Rick knew full well how hard that could be.  Lori had died trying to get the RV through a horde of Zeds...
 The only option was to wait until all seemed quiet, and get there on foot.  Daryl would provide covering fire with his crossbow where possible.  The others would only resort to gunfire if it was absolutely necessary.  So, with their hopes firmly set on a nearby restaurant and police station, they set off, trying to make as little noise as possible...
To make things interesting, we decided to dice for a random arrival point.  It'd be no joy arriving just around the corner from our intended destination.  The dice decided to put us at the opposite side of the board, with the restaurant 45 degrees to the left of our position, and the police station 45 degrees to the right.  We advanced forwards and rolled a 5 for ZAL, giving us 11 Zeds.  Here's the view as the game started.
As you can see with a magnifying glass, the three Zeds in front of Gus, Alec and Jenny were the greatest threat to us.  We had no choice but to try and dash past them.  After all, the other ways were blocked by enough Zeds to make us have to use our guns.
 Unfortunately, the activation rolls went a little against us.  Rick, Daryl and Carl seemed to be holding back while the Zeds closed in.  Gus had no choice but to dispatch two nearby Zeds, the third going fdown to Daryl's crossbow.  Thankfully only one Zed came a long as a result.  Trouble was, those two Zeds in the foreground of the previous picture had managed to catch up with us, and Alec was kept busy thwacking them with his cricket bat.
Jenny was in the lead.
Alec was kept busy.

And Rick, Daryl and Carl were looking worried behind that most useless cover structure for a Zed apocalypse and, ironically, the subject of my most popular post to date: the bus shelter.
Jenny wanted to attack the new Zed.  Unfortunately she utterly failed her Wanting to Charge test and bottled it, running a mile in the other direction.  That's the trouble with low Rep characters who lose further Rep due to injury.  They keep trying to make a run for it.
So Gus had a choice. Help Alec, or dispatch the Zeds in melee and dash after Jenny. He chose the latter.
As Daryl, Rick and Carl dashed through the gap Alec had made with his cricket bat, Gus managed to catch up with Jenny and calm her down.
Pretty soon they were in front of the restaurant.  A source of food, and more importantly, a possible source of survivors.
We kept the miniatures in front of the building as we checked to see what was inside.  Go on.  Have a guess.  Nope, no survivors.  Three Zeds, all of whom managed to surprise Gus, Alec and Jenny.  By the time Rick, Daryl and Carl were able to help out, Jenny was out of the fight.
And all they had to show for it was a baseball bat and some body armour that Daryl found.  They had no choice. Alec picked up Jenny's unconscious body, thankful that Daryl's intervention had saved her becoming a Zed, and they all left the restaurant and made their way to the Police station.  Gus was ready to provide covering fire over the bonnet of a 4x4, but there were no Zeds around.
So they all made a desperate dash across the road.
And Rick, Carl and Daryl made it first to the police station.  Guess what?  That's tight.  No survivors.  Only Zeds, which they quickly finished off.  They found some more ammo, a pistol.  And no medical supplies they had hoped to use on Jenny.
They skulked silently off the board to see how Jenny was.

Unfortunately she succumbed to her wounds and died.

Blimey, this apocalypse isn't as survivable as we had first hoped!


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