Pilot to Potentate and DinoSnack!

Well, work has definitely got the better of me.  There I was hoping to get on with the Burbs for ATZ and a Normandy farm complex for for the ETO in 28mm, and suddenly weeks have passed with next door to no time for anything other than an admittedly fantastic game of ATZ.  I've got posts in draft form for both of these projects, but nothing done beyond the planning stage that's worth posting.

So what do you do when it all goes belly up like this?

Well, if you're anything like me, you find a couple of free hours and you paint up a rather fat Nazi so he can get chomped by a Dinosaur!  Guaranteed to de-stress in no time!

And here he is in all his corpulent excessiveness.
 And from the side to note his plunging belly line...
 As you can see, he holds everything in contempt in miniature replica as he did in real life.  Personally, I'd be doing a lot more than wringing my hands behind my back as a carnivorous dinosaur bore down on me.  Arrogant slob.
 And from above, demonstrating his receding hairline.  Presumably he wants to use his slaphead to reflect the sun's glare into the dinosaur's eyes.  Best of luck with that!
 And here he is with the prize twat himself and a Waffen-SS guard.  Because those MP-44's are really going to help them...
Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to start work soon on the time machine that brought them to the Jurassic period!


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