Modelling the ETO

I must admit I was rather surprised to see WWII in 28mm for Bolt Action do so well on my recent poll on G+.  Not because I doubted for a minute that it was such a popular game, let alone a popular period to wargame in general.  I honestly thought something more obscure like Of Gods and Mortals (OGaM) might have been a more popular choice.  I came to this conclusion because I know there are already heaps of excellent MDF kits made by Sarissa Precision and 4Ground.  (I confess I am rather partial to Sarissa's Chateau, a steal at just £25)  I also came across Timeline Miniatures whilst searching online yesterday.  (I really like their Anglo-Saxon Church/Minster, but I digress.)  Then there's the choice of resin buildings, or the plastic ruins sets from Warlord Games.  The list goes on.  Why would anyone vote for me to make this stuff when there's heaps of it out there already?  

Is it because it all looks like Normandy, and people want examples of buildings in other theatres?  Perhaps Should I look for something obscure to make within this period?  After all, my most popular post on this blog so far has been my bus shelter for ATZ.  That fact alone perplexes me as much as this project.

But then the thought came to me: what if the reason you, my gracious readers, voted for this period is the same reason that I make scenery.  Namely, because its a lot cheaper than all these MDF kits.  And, while we're on the subject, maybe like me, you don't like the visible joints or the flat roofs on MDF kits.

Now, if you've got more money than most of us, and you can't be bothered with all the effort, please go to one of the websites mentioned above and buy some of their stuff.  Now.

And if you're still here, let's go on a journey.  Don't ask me how long this project will take.  You know what happened with TTwNN!

I think I'm going to want to begin with a mixture of countryside and village.  I don't want to model Caen.  Farms and villages are more my thing. I'm looking forward to modelling some bocage and I have a few ideas about this.

I think I'm going to work my way through Belgium and into Germany too.  Which means there will be some specific architecture I want to model that will help to ground the games in their respective locations.  What I don't want to do is spend my time making a specific place.  Fun though this may be, like most wargamers, I need to make scenery that will be useful for as many different sessions as possible, and not throw all my eggs in the one basket.

Like the Town with No Name, I'm going to be looking to make a number of individually based buildings, and use the tried and tested drop on terrain concept.  I'll have to think about roads and pavements, as these will have to sit onto the boards as well, thereby raising the height of everything around them.  I have some cunning ideas for this though, so watch this space over the coming weeks as time allows me to post progress.

As always, thanks for stopping by and showing an interest in this project.


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