Ach, Dummkopfe!

You can't play Eat Hitler without him, so let me introduce you to my personal take on the prime candidate for the award for "Leader of the Largest Group of Racist Genocidal Twats to Rule a Country and Plunge the World into Anarchy".

It all began with Dr. Klomp from Artizan Designs' Thrilling Tales range. I love these miniatures. They are an absolute dream to paint.  Here's Dr. Klomp as he appears when you get him...
 And here's what I did to him with a scalpel. Mengele would be proud. Oh dear, I dread to think what search engine results this post is going to come up in now...
And after a couple of hours with a paint brush, here's the finished result, ready for basing.  
I like to imagine him using perhaps the first ever example of the speech mark fingers gesture as he queries the "simple mistake" that has taken them to the Jurassic period rather than the start of the extremely presumptuous and thankfully short lived Thousand Year Reich.

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