And I'm Still Razing the Skyline...

I confess there has been a lot of head scratching.  You'll notice I do a lot of that when I'm making scenery.  On this occasion it's because I'm simply not used to figuring out how to construct such large buildings.  One thing I'm aware of though is that the larger you go, the more joints you need to put in to keep the structure rigid and to help work against any warping that may occur in the painting process.  And it's precisely that which has caused so much bother.  I've had to pack the work away on two evenings this week simply because I had lost the will.

Thankfully, I reached the other side of giving up, and decided to cut out the main structures and work out the joints afterwards with the relevant edges next to each other to make sure I didn't make any mistakes.  Here's the work in progress as I reach the milestone of cutting out a whole load of windows.  Think of the joy that awaits me filing these!
 This building is 19" wide, and will be 4 1/2" deep like my previous building.  This makes the pavements 5" wide, a whole inch wider than each lane on the road.  Yes.  It's that big.  Here's all the parts finally cut out and ready for assembly.
 Is it worth pointing out that the other 19" wide building is going to be a little taller?  What am I thinking?  Honestly, at this point I don't know.  I think all the photos of American cities are making me think on too large a scale.  Anyhoo, this is what the next building looks like at the moment, a kind of 'think of the potential' shot. Not exactly short, is it?
 Anyway, back to the first of the two larger buildings.  I couldn't resist a dry fit.  And you can't even begin to imagine the relief and delight when it all went together as I had planned.
 You'll notice how fiddly it was to figure out the joints if you click on the photo for a bigger view. Personally, I'm very delighted with the result!
 Especially if you stand it up to see it in all it's unfinished glory!


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