Still Razing the Skyline...

Grab your ukelele, as I doff my cap to George Formby and post a few shots of my work on making (not cleaning) windows.  It's not like the old days...

But before I do, if you've missed out any of the journey so far, you can catch up here:Happiness is the Road  here:Happiness is the Road Part Deux  here:Razing the Skyline  and here: Razing the Skyline Part Two

This is where I had got to at the end of my last session.  You'll notice the two white end sections of the base board at the bottom of the door sections.  They had to be painted black before the rest of the work could continue.
Here's a shot of the first of my print outs.  I prefer to call this the MOMENT OF TRUTH.  And I'm delighted to say that all my planning was a success.  Look, you can even see the first one cut out.  It even fits together as I had planned.  Bonus!
 And here's a shot of the window glued together and with the acetate window secured in place.  It's at this point I realise it reminds me of those Lego windows...  All that has to happen next is for the window to be fitted into the space on the building.  And I've got plenty to choose from!
And in a blindingly comprehensive lack of originality, I choose top left.  What the picture doesn't show you is how nippit the space was to put the window in.  For future reference, I'm going to make the window holes a couple of millimetre wider all round.  This does of course mean I'll have to make the surrounding a little wider.  I only gave these windows a 2mm wide strip along the sides  It looks good, but it's very difficult to fold it, and even harder to make sure it glues without spreading Uhu over the walls.   
 And here we have an early arrival of my gang to check out progress on their set.  Gus is covering the door to the appartment.  Baz is yanking on the cord of his chainsaw, firing it up for entering the store.  Jenny appears to have forgotten to check her reflection in the shop window.  And Alec seems to have mistaken my camera for a Zombie and is readying himself for the strike of his life!
Looks like Gus has the vantage point.
While we're on the subject of things the photos don't show, it's worth noting that these windows take a bloomin' age to make.  Yes, they are accurate, and yes, they do look good.  But they don't come together in minutes.  This is because of the time taken to cut them out, score them correctly and stick together.  Because truth be told, they are a bit fiddly.  Which is not my second musical instrument reference, honest!  I think the best way to deal with this is to cut them all out and score them together.  Stopping just to fit them into the building is great fun, but it takes a lot of time to avoid kinking the edges.  Of course, the other option is to crack on drawing out the remaining buildings on my foamcore.

The only way to find out which option I did is to check back in a few days!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in this journey!


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