Happiness is the Road... Part Deux

It's been great to have some time to work on the city boards for All Things Zombie.  First job was to finish the road markings.  Having all four boards together for this process enabled me to make sure all the tire marks were in the correct places, and allow me to add in the right turns.  I must confess this initially did my head in as I had to get my brain around driving on the wrong side of the road!  Thankfully the interweb helped me out with examples.
 Here's a wider view of the boards, with my acetate stencils visible at the top.
 I then needed to add some definition into the edging of the kerb stones.  This would help to 'lift' the pavement from the roads.  Initially I tried doing this with some washes.  Unfortunately this didn't look right.  I wasn't getting the right variation in tone.  Mixing emulsion and acrylics wasn't working for me.

So I decided to be bold, grabbed a larger paint brush, and set to work painting in the darker shade and then blending and drybrushing my way back to the original base coat.  Further drybrushed highlights on the kerbstones were needed to blend everything and cover a few over-enthusiastic brush strokes from the earlier stage.  I also drybrushed some of the road highlight colour over the crossing sections to add more wear to them.
 I'm really happy with the results.  The boards will now be put away in the garage to make space for the next stage: buildings.  Once these are done, all I'll need to worry about will be the street lights and traffic lights.
I'll say one thing for this project: it certainly is coming together a lot quicker than my wild west town did!  And it's as equally enjoyable!


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    1. Thanks for the encouragement Bob! It was a hard process to decide how best to approach the scenery, wanting it to look and feel right, and still deal with the abstracted building search rules. After reinventing the wheel for the nth time, I decided to take the plunge. And if this can encourage others to have a go, then I'm truly delighted.


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