Another Rough Night in the Town with No Name

Some more shots of my wild west scenery for The Rules with No Name.  These come hot off the press from last night's game.
It all began with Grat Dalton drinking himself stupid in the local saloon, lamenting the consistently bad dice rolling I've brought to his gang of bank robbers.  So far he's been the only one to walk away from bungled heist after bungled heist.  You can see him here in the background.

And in the kind of story that would make even Sergio Leone roll over in his grave, poor Grat has been foiled at every turn by a gang of Mexican bandits who seem to have more morals than Mother Theresa.  With the possible exception of Don Juan, that is.  Poor Don has been suffering the effects of one too many relationships.  He's been seen coming out of a certain house of ill repute, closely followed by his soiled dove of choice on a few occasions.  We then discovered he had a missus when she showed up in the middle of a gunfight and demanded he went home with her straight away.  He'd only gone to the saloon to drown his sorrows.  He'd been managing to do that rather successfully until he saw Grat failing to hold up the bar.
Whatever passed for a snide remark quickly turned ugly.  Or perhaps comedic to anyone viewing Grat and Don Juan as they failed to stagger towards each other with even the most rudimentary dignity.
They were kicked out by two barmen before they could do any serious damage, and they dusted themselves off in the middle of Main Street, gazing myopically at each other whilst trying to remain in an upright position.  And there they stood for a couple of turns as the Joker allowed everyone else to appear from different buildings to see what the fuss was all about.  Harry Alonzo appeared from the Undertaker's.  He'd been finding out what sort of funeral cover they had in place, because word around the Town with No Name was that if you're daft enough to join with Grat, you're not long left for this world...
Butch and Sundance appeared from the doctor's.  No surprises why that was.
And Billy the Kidd stood defiantly at the door to the Bank wondering why he was the only one who'd turn up for the job they'd agreed to the night before.
There was a lot of maneuvering and skulking in the shadows in the early stages of the game.
Grat had a sudden burst of energy and dashed across the street to seek refuge behind the abandoned wagon.  His chance of hiding was almost instantaneously ruined when Sarah Baccus appeared from the saloon and told all and sundry where Grat was hiding.  No doubt another of Don Juan's conquests.
Looking about to make sure Sarah had gone, Grat miraculously sobered up just in time to see Don Juan stagger around the wagon and start some fisticuffs.  Twice he tried to punch Grat, and both times he landed on the floor.  It got so bad that Grat decided his day couldn't get any worse and decided to shoot Don Juan once and for all.  Clearly not as sober as he though he was, Grat would spend the rest of the game failing to hit his enemy and cussin' my deplorable dice rolling skills.

Josiah McHatty decided to help out Grat.  This has never happened before you understand.  It's the bandits that have been getting the aid up until now.  Of course, Josiah was a Legend, but also an old timer.  He ended up being not as fast as he used to be, and got into a quick draw situation with another Don.  And as my dice failed me once more, Josiah was quickly dispatched with a head shot, instantly promoting this Don from a Gunman to a Legend in no time at all.  Great help, Josh.  Thanks a lot.
The Extras wait off table for their moment of glory.
Thankfully, without warning a stagecoach managed to charge headlong down mainstreet, slewing to the right and left, and knocking over pretty much everyone in its path.   By the time we'd all got up the only remaining event was Butch and Sundance who managed to kill Clint.
Clint always manages to skulk around random buildings chewing on both his occasional dialogue and smouldering cigar...
Since yesterday was about to become today, we decided to call it quits for the night as the characters skulked their way back into the shadows, nursing their pride more than anything else.
This gave us time to applause the excellence that is The Rules with No Name...and a hurried pack up of the Town with a similar name.

 Why is it the buildings never seem to fit back in their boxes at this late an hour?


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