Having a Swinging Time

The deadline is ticking closer, and I'm delighted that everything seems to be on track for the launch of our Wild West wargaming with the excellent rules by Bryan Ansell.

Just got time to show off  a couple of shots of my completed gallows set from Sarissa Precision.  I decided to paint it fully as i wasn't too impressed with my initial attempt at applying a wash.  I had been tempted into trying this after reading some suggestions to do so online.  Bad decision.  It looked pale and washed out compared to the buildings that it was to sit around.  And all it did was rough up the surface. I'd normally be talking about raising the grain, but this is MDF we're dealing with here...
I sanded the edges of the bases in the hope it would blend into the surrounding terrain better.  I confess I'm not a big fan of putting my scenery onto bases as I don't like raising them above the level of the board.  That's why I always include a concealed base hidden within my buildings.  You can see this in practice in some of my earlier blogs.
As always, the piece is based with Woodland Scenics Earth and Grass Blends and Noch Spring Grass.  This is the same stuff I use on my base boards for obvious reasons.  

I've a feeling this gallows set is going to see some serious use in the coming months...


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