Brace Yourselves!

Brace for impact!


I set up this blog so I could record my attempt to make a corner of a wild west town in 28mm.  I'd never attempted a project like this before.  Sure, I've made some buildings for a number of game systems.  I've made generic scenery that can be used across systems and time periods.  I've made some Spanish Peninsular buildings for my Napoleonics.  But the idea of making a town with enough buildings to cover a 4'x4' area was always going to be something that felt beyond my capabilities.

Now I know this blog shows I don't get anywhere near as much time to enjoy my hobby as I would like.  But I also think it shows something more important.  It shows that with a lot of effort, and even more time, that which seems impossible only looks that way because you don't have enough courage at the onset to stay the distance.

Nineteen months.  And it all comes down to this.  A handful of small jobs and it's all done. Honest!

Which is why I'm delighted to announce that our first game of The Rules with No Name by the excellent Bryan Ansell will be played on 7th July.  2014.  That's just under a fortnight away!

So what have I got to get done by then?

Well, the Undertaker's needs shading.  The water troughs need to be finished painting.  Those lovely cards I designed need printing, cutting out and put into protective sleeves.  Oh, and I need to make sure that I know the rules.

And its all eminently doable in the next fortnight.

Of course, there's been another lovely by-product of this blog.  That's you, the readers.  I never thought I'd get more than a handful of hits on this blog.  I'm an unknown.  I don't go to conventions.  I don't put on demonstration games.  I just do what I do because I love this hobby.  To have been able to share my scenery making with so many has been, quite frankly, mind boggling.

So thank you one and all.

And don't think that this will be the end.  Oh, no, siree.  Why stop when you're on to a good thing?  I'm keeping this blog going.  I've got a shed load of scenery to make for All Things Zombie.  I've generic fields, fencing and walls to make.  I'm returning to 1/35 scale for NUTS! and have a load of Bocage to make for that.  And I'm determined to see my 28mm Commandos get made and painted for Bolt Action.

So stick around.  Pretty soon this blog is going to be filled with shots of The Town with No Name in all its glory.  And then the sky's the limit.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!


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