Are These Hexes I See Before My Eyes?

Delighted at last to have some time to take over the dining table and begin flocking some of my Hexon boards from Kallistra.  I've become quite the fan of these boards.  They stack away into virtually no space at all, you can add ground cover because of the way they stack, and perhaps most importantly of all, they don't warp.  

That's all the equipment looked out.  I'm a big fan of the Woodland Scenics range.  Not only do they have the most realistic range of colours, they are also colourfast.  This means that they will not fade.  And contrary to many people's view of it always raining in Aberdeen, I've had many an evening of gaming with sunlight streaming through my window and across my gaming surface.  I've used other manufacturers and found that they aren't.  

Of course, the perceptive among you will notice the Noch static flock and applicator.  Yes, it's the cheap plastic bottle you have to squeeze and not the fancy electric thingumajig, but it works a dream.  And as you'll be well aware from reading through my posts, I don't believe in paying a fortune for something if you can get something equally effective for a portion of the cost.  

So, after giving the boards a good wash in nice warm soapy water (and you know which one leaves your hands as soft as you face, but it don't have to be mild green any more), you want to get yourself a good quality PVA to make sure your boards last.  I'm using Evo-Stick. Pity I don't get commission...  

As you can see, I like the Round-the-Edges-and-Swirly-Centre method of glue application (patent pending!!!!)

A good spread with the brush gives a lovely coating.

And then the fun with the flock can really begin!

Of course, one of the main reasons for getting a new set of boards was the opportunity to make some brown boards to act as streets for The Town with No Name and pretty much any town or village section on a gaming board.  So I did two here with subtle flecks of green in them.  I used two ground foam packs from Woodland Scenic, Green Blend and Earth Blend.  And as the above photo shows, they're nothing special to look at just now, but they will be great when used with the other boards.  I'm going to make up eight of these.

And because I was feeling like having fun, I also did a grass board.

Here it is with the static flock applied.  After a few hours, the excess flock is tapped off the boards and set aside in tubs for use on future boards and mini bases.  After undergrowth is added to the board, they are all sprayed with Scenic Spray Glue, again from Woodland Scenics.  This is an absolutely marvelous product which makes sure that everything sticks together.  And because it dries matt, the only way you know it's been applied is because the flock stays stuck.  Wonderful.  This final picture is of the grass board just after the Scenic Glue was applied.

And of course thanks has to go to my wonderful and long-suffering wife who allowed me to use her trays to rest the boards on while they dry out.  This, I argue, makes it easier to move them so the dining table can be used for..well...dining...!


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