An Englishman Abroad

If you'll excuse the Sting reference (and you need to be of a certain generation to get it), its a nice way to lead into the results of my first painting session in seven months. Which is one of the benefits of recording my hobby time on this blog. This is way too long to wait to pick up a paintbrush. < Insert usual life-work balance rant here >.

So here he is, an English cricketer on tour. He's been looking forward to this break for a long time. Little did he know he'd barely touch down in the States when the apocalypse decided to strike. Didn't get that included with his Trivago booking. Handy thing he decided to take his favourite bat with him...

This is the first of my gang for my next project, All Things Zombie from Two Hour Wargames. Been looking forward to seeing this game become a reality on my games table for a long time. He's from the Apocalypse Survivors:the Men plastic set from Wargames Factory and he was a dream to assemble and paint.

Should really get those Wild West buildings finished though!


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