Taking Stock of the Town with No Name

A perfect opportunity arose to take stock of my progress in this project.  So without a second thought, I got all the buildings out of the boxes and put them on my dining table to see how far I'd come in this fifteen month long journey. The first surprise was to see how many of the buildings have already been painted.  Admittedly, I haven't been posting pictures of my painting.  I've been secretly hoping to do a big reveal with the gaming boards and everything in place.  Painting the scenery has always been that thing I do when I don't have time to get out all the equipment needed to make more buildings.  But as I am sure you will agree when you see the photos below, those short painting sessions have obviously been more productive than I had originally thought!

No prizes for spotting the thunder boxes in the next picture!

Not very often that you see a couple of wagons and a whole load of coffins and water troughs on someone's roof!

And for all of those that couldn't see the thunder boxes, here's a better shot!

And here's that poor unfinished land assay office looking somewhat cornered by painted buildings!

Anyhoo, all this let me see what bits needed finishing off so that all the models were ready for painting.  First up, the completed balcony for the house of ill repute.

Here's a slightly better view of the timber work.  Of course, I haven't fastened this structure to the building, or I'd never be able to paint it all properly.

And when you take it off, you get...well, an advert for a supermarket chain, apparently!

Honestly, they should be paying royalties for this much free advertising! Actually, this is from their bran flakes range.  Very tasty, helps keep you regular, and most importantly, its the largest cereal packet you can buy.  Which is great when you make large buildings.  And then try and roof them!

Here's the other balcony, completed and placed in position on the gunsmith's store.  As with the previous balcony, this one's not attached either.

And when you take it off, it looks something like this!

And finally, here's the Land Assay office getting the tlc it deserves.  And yes, it's lying down because it's tired.  It has nothing to do whatsoever with letting the glue on the steps dry without sticking it to the cutting mat.  No siree!

So it looks like future posts on this project will be about painting and putting on the signs...


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