Return to The Town with No Name

It's been quite a productive fortnight of painting.  No High Elves, you understand, but plenty of weatherboarding.  Yes!  The Town with No Name is slowly coming together.  And it's been quite a rewarding experience too.  Like the sun coming out after the rain on a whole new world.  Just a 28mm scale one!

I've still got some construction to do.  The tavern and house of ill repute and the gunsmith both need their balconies completed.  For some reason I never made any steps up to the boardwalk for the assay office.

And one evening last week whilst suffering a squirty stomach, it seemed wholly appropriate to give myself an alternate form of chuntie challenge as the next picture will demonstrate...!

The next challenge will be to work on the base boards for the town.  I'd really like to purchase some more of the Hexon terrain boards. However, as I never seem to escape the drudgery of having too much month at the end of the money, I may well have to proxy something from the loft.  I'll post some progress pics of this part of the project when I eventually make up my mind and go for it.

Which brings me on to the immense Loft Tidy of DOOM event that has been lingering on my to do list for years now.  Once we get that midden sorted out, I should in theory be able to get to my hobby stuff more easily.  (And yes, as far as HoneyDo jobs go, this one will benefit everyone in the family.  And it guarantees me more room for gaming stuff in the loft!)  As I clear through the muck to my models that have been hidden in the impenetrable gloom out of reach at the back of the loft, who knows what gaming treasure I may find?


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