Down Among the Dead Men..and some nice Cabinets!

Thought it was about time to upload some progress shots of the Undertaker's.  We begin with the plans drawn out on foamcore.

Once cut out I like to try a dry fit to make sure I have made everything properly.

Now, I honestly thought that I had taken some progress shots of the windows as they were edged with card, framed with match sticks and given some perspex to look like glass.  Let alone some shots of all the time spent weatherboarding the buildings.  But I can't seem to find any. Anywhere.  So I'll just point out that the perspex comes from the plastic wrapping on our giant rolls of Christmas wrapping paper which came from Costco.

Once all this has been done, it's time to stick the parts together.  I always find elastic bands really helpful to hold things together while the Uhu glue dries.  And we have a very helpful postie who seems to drop a wodge of bands at our doorstep every few days.  So they are never in short supply!

Next job is the roof. I cut a base sheet of cardboard to the correct size.  Then I take 1cm wide strips of card that have been scored every 5mm along their length and add them from the bottom up.  Each layer overlaps the one beneath it to create the appearance of tiles.  The bottom row overlaps the base sheet.  All other edges are then cut flush to the base sheet and added to the building.

And at this point I realised I hadn't added card to the reverse of the false front of the building.  So after a bit of faffing with the angle of the sloped roof which I would not have needed to do if I had done this before attaching the roof, the card was added as can be seen on the next photo.  Once dry they were cut to the shape of the building.

Then came edging the protruding sides of the centre section and edging the top of the false front sections.  Forgot to photograph this stage as well.  So to compensate, here's a shot of the framing for the roof thing going on the front of the building.  I'm sure you're impressed with the technicality of my description there.

Anyhoo, I had to decide how to space these things out on the model.  Not quite as easy as it sounds, because of the whole corner thing going on in the centre of the model (apologies to any architects reading this).  I decided to space them out as equally as possible without putting it  directly in front of a window.  The result is as you can see below.

And from a slightly different angle...!

Now all I need to decide is whether to paint everything so far, or to go ahead with making the roof section to fit above the walkway.  Either way, these last two parts will need to be painted separately before they are glued together.

Right, that's all for now.  I've managed to cover my keyboard with strands of Uhu glue while typing this post.  Better get it cleaned up!


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