Dang Nabbit!

Why, oh why, did I forget this?  I've got a Saloon, a church, a bank, a row of shops, a land assay office, a doctors' house, a whole host of shacks, more shops, a gallows, a church, even more shops, a house of ill repute, snake rail fencing (did I ever post a photo of that stuff?),  gunsmith, and another shop or two.

But no livery stable. Nothing like this at all.  

Do I need them? Are 21 buildings enough?  Will I always feel I haven't done the project properly if I don't make one?  Could it conceivably be somewhere conveniently off-board? 

And don't get me started on the lack of a blacksmith...

Oh well, here's another couple of photos taken as The Town with No Name begins to get painted and come together.

Will try and get a shot or two with the snake rail fencing for next time!


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