The Old West Town with No Name

Been a busy week so not had as much time as I had hoped to work on the buildings. Below are two shots of work in progress. The first is the land assay office with glass fitted. The only way you'll be able to tell in the photo is the refracted light shining through it onto the as yet unfinished sidewalk. Apart from that and the roof, this important little office is finished.
The second shot is the work in progress on the front of the gunsmith's shop. The balcony is in place but the window facings and frames are not yet completed. If you look closely enough you'll see some of the building's other walls in the background. Again the window and door facings are done but the frames aren't in yet.
A time consuming, but thouroughly enjoyable scenery project. It won't be finished any time soon, but the pleasure is in the journey and the detail. Thanks for stopping by.


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