Shop Row

If this old west town is attracting a large population complete with church, sherrif's office and the still-to-be-planned bank, I decided that one street must have become crowded with different shops competing for attention. So here's my shop row.
Nearly made a big mistake while drawing these onto my foamcore. I was so carried away with it that I followed the measurements for the front onto the back and completely forgot to invert them. Now admittedly I could have simply turned the foamcore around, but then I would have been without my nice red 5mm horizontal lines which would have caused random chaos with my weatherboarding.
Oh, and while we're owning up, there's another reason these buildings don't have roofs yet. They take an age. 15mm strips of card with vertical slits cut 10mm deep at 5mm intervals along its length. Even more numbing to measure and prepare than it was to write that last sentence. Well worth the effort as you'll see in the coming weeks, but its a thought to do it.
Anyway, thats all for now. I need to measure out a load of 1cm strips of card to start weatherboarding these shops...
Who knows what buildings will get designed next. Homes? Thunder boxes? The bank?
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