The Church Without Walls...!

Here's a few shots of my old west church as it begins to come together, supported in the sticking process by my friend the trusty elastic band!
I'm not attaching the other walls just now as they will restrict access to the window frames. This is why the other buildings do not yet have their roofs on. I will need access to paint the window frames and then to stick the 'glass' on the back of them. I use clear perspex sheet for the glass. This is readily available from craft shops. It's often found with dolls house supplies. But in the truest tradition of making something out of nothing, the windows in my old west town will be coming from the perspex box our family giant Christmas Cracker came in! Credit goes to my wonderful wife who puts up with me hoarding the kind of stuff most people would throw away!
Of course, by doing this I'm not entirely sure how much of the interior will be visible. I love the idea of modeling the interiors but they are for wargaming rather than scale model making. I think the interiors will simply get a coat of black paint. Either way, the real benefit of perspex windows is the reflections they give.
Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by!


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