Old West Buildings for TRWNN & TSS

A new year seems perfect for a new project. Having received The Rules with No Name for Christmas, and getting the Terrible Sharp Sword supplement from the excellent Too Fat Lardies, this is the perfect opportunity to make some terrain suitable for both these excellent rule sets. Of course, the buildings will also be useful when we return to Malifaux. So its win, win win.
Now I know those marvellous Perry twins and Renedra are doing fantastic work with wild west buikdings. And Gamecraft and Battle Flag make some truly jaw-dropping lasercut mdf kits. But for those of us who simply can't afford to buy them, I've decided to make some of my own. Here's a few shots of my work so far. This is my version of a sherif's office and jail.
I'm using 5mm foamcore and card from cereal packets. Oh, and my seemingly unending supply of match sticks from Javis.
I'm covering the buildings in weatherboard or clapboard which I hope you can see on the photos. The bit without the weatherboard will be covered in polyfiller to simulate concrete over brick.
Happy browsing and I'd be delighted to answer any questions you might have. I'll post more as the building progresses!


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