Paint Station

Let's hear it for the humble, the portable, the well-we-can't-all-afford-a-games-room-with-custom-built-desk, set it up and pack it away paint station!  I've had a few different types in my life.  The old battered umpteenth-hand desk that I did homework on and couldn't wait to clear to begin painting miniatures on. Then there's the obligatory use of a corner of a dining table.  For many a year I used one of those living room collapsable tables.  It was great, but I couldn't help feeling they were always designed for sofas that were a little higher than the one we had...
And then GW invented  the paint station and suddenly everyone was either praising or slagging it off.
And then a few months ago I was desperate to paint and couldn't because I'd pulled a muscle in my back.  So my lovely wife suggested one of our laptrays.  Of course, with all the years of experience I was thinking, "No way!  How will that work? Do you not understand that I need to sit at a table that is slightly too high for my seat, bent at a stupid angle trying to look at my miniature under an angle-poise lamp fitted with a daylight bulb that's one half-blinding me and the other half slowly cooking me..."
And then I tried it.
And I've never looked back since!
So here's to all those other halfs who sit and watch us spend hours on our little shiny models, who we think don't understand the complexity and subtlety of our hobby.  Here's to all those who have much better ideas than ourselves and whom, if we had listened to them sooner, we'd have been able to enjoy our hobby sat back, relaxed, and so much likelier to have enjoyed our hobby all the more.
But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so they say.  So how does my painting fair nowadays? Here's a work in progress. Blooming fantastic, even if I say so myself!


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